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We are a family business, offering since 2013 property management full services to syndicate of co-ownerships and to owners of Montréal.

Amassing a rich and diversified experience in the following fields: Accounting, Finance, project management, Building mechanics, insurance claims management (water damage, fire damage, etc.), Communications, Housekeeping and others.
Our professionals and our technicians are motivated to offer a service of quality to our clients – The buildings under our management being our calling card and the comfort of the residents our specialty. 


Within the years, we built a broad network of professionals and entrepreneurs working in the field – which gives our clients the ability to have quick access to providers with good reputations and voluminous discounts – for the needs that appear in their co-ownership.

We strive to develop a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect obligations with entrepreneurs in order to establish a lasting basis for mutual cooperation. Therefore, our customers benefit from stable and high-quality services. 


We are using the most robust technologies in order to optimise the process and bring value to our clients and partners. This allow us to devote maximum energy to serving customers, saving them precious time.

Our professionals use a set of integrated and dedicated condominium management software. In addition, administrators and co-owners can use a web portal that allows them not only to view their statements and services requests in real time, but also to find wealth of information and answer to common questions.

Mobile version is also available for our clients, if needed.