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Truly turnkey service – GDC is responsible for management of most aspects of the daily operation of the apartment. Throughout the life cycle of co-ownership, we support syndicates and co-owners. Whether you are a small-to-medium-sized syndicate or a large tower, we will provide targeted abuse based on customer conditions- we provide you with a service package.

The consolidation of services allows syndicates and co-owners to optimize their budgets, while benefiting from efficient services and quick answers to questions and requests from the supervisor team.


Although the co-owners are the full owners of their units, the fact remains that they live in the same building as the other co-owners. The management of joint ownership is governed by the Quebec Civil Code, the declaration of joint ownership and its regulations. The operation of condominium associations has several legal and administrative obligations. Since syndicate managers are volunteers, the administrative burden brought by management is too great. 

We therefore offer full support to condominium associations, for example for:

​- Prepare, convene and attend meetings of the board of directors, write, translate and transmit the minutes
– Prepare, convene and attend the Annual Meeting of co-owners. write, translate and transmit the minutes
– Keep the registers provided for by law and complete the administrative legal obligations of the Syndicates ensuring their compliance
– Work on the implementation of regulations that reflect the wishes of the co-owners
– Ensure the conservation and availability of Plans, Cadastral Certificates, Deeds of Incorporation and other archives of the co-ownership
– Ensure compliance with the Declaration and regulations of the co-ownership.


Managing the finances of jointly owned organizations is an important aspect of the operations. From the budget proposal to the collection of apartment fees, the entire financial management process is strictly implemented. Everything is done transparently, and our team can answer questions from administrators and co-owners.

We assist with budget preparation and monitoring through performance indicators and management dashboard (applicable to every syndicate). Therefore, people have been paying close attention to financial situation of the co-ownership syndicate. 

Examples on how we assist our clients  :
– Outsourcing of the small number of books
– Collection and recovery of condo fees
– Preparation of periodic financial reports
– Preparation and analysis of financial statements
– Budget analysis and optimization
– Cash management
– Management of contingency funds
– Payment of suppliers
– Assistance to co-owners
– Syndicate tax returns
– Development and implementation of controls
– Consultation on optimization of Syndicate finances


In order to ensure the comfort of co-owners, we provide a simple, effective and safe solution to keep the common areas of co-owners clean and pleasant. To this end, we use carefully selected products to continuously provide you with a high – quality clean and healthy environment. The consolidation of services allows syndicates and co-owners to optimize their budgets, while benefiting from efficient services and quick responses to their problems and requirements. Integration allows us to better control the condition of the apartment and provide customers with a competent team. ​


​For all issuers related to the maintenance of construction machinery and public areas, as well as various systems to ensure the comfort and safety of the co-owners, we will monitor these maintenances in accordance with current standards. Since buildings are equipped with many complex and expensive equipment, they must be run smoothly to avoid unnecessary expenditures. With rich experience and proven procedures, we have successfully minimized maintenance cost without affecting the comfort and safety of residents.

Therefore, we represent the group to provide services for negotiating and ordering construction insurance contracts; daily supply contracts, monthly or regular expenses related to public parts; and signing construction equipment maintenance contracts with recognized professionals.

In order to ensure proper maintenance and plan syndicated expenses, our team has developed a multi-year maintenance plan based on applicable standards by establishing a dashboard to closely monitor the status of the installation and perform regular preventive maintenance.